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Surname: Kiskinov Name: Vihar

Year of Birth: 1953 Nationality: Bulgarian

Marital Status: Married


1972 - 1977 University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Law, M.Sc. in Law

1978 - 1980 Institute of Mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Specialization on Mathematical Modelling in Law and Informatics. Thesis: “Mathematical Models of The Structure of The System of Legal Norms”. Creation of Experimental Legal Information System named “Sprint”

1988 - 1989 Soka University, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Professor

Membership of professional bodies

1982 Union of Lawers, Bulgaria

1986 Bulgarian Association of Legal Philosophy, member

2001 Vice-President of Association for Development of Information Technologies

2002 Association “Development of Information Society”, member

2003 Union of Scientists in Bulgaria


Information technologies

- system analysis

- structural analysis and modelling of governmental organisations

- more than 20-year experience in software project, design, development, realisation, testing and implementation of information systems

- extensive experience in developing and maintaining large databases, accessible via web-technologies

- Web farms, Web clusters, Network Load Balancing Systems

- Databases: dBase, Datatrieve, MS SQL Server 6.5 - 2005

- MS Internet Information Server 4 - 6.0

- MS Exchange Server 2000, 2003

- MS SharePoint Server 2001, 2003, 2007


1980 - 1985 Institute of State and Law, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Researcher, PhD studies.

1985 PhD “System of Legal Norms as a Basis of Building Legal Information System”

1985 to now University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Law

1994 Associate Professor of Legal Informatics

2003 Elected Vice-President of General Assembly, Faculty of Law, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”

2004 Professor of Theory of State and Law (Legal Informatics)

2004 Scientific Secretary of Department of State and Law, Faculty of Law, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”

2005 Professor in Theory of State and Law (Legal Informatics)

2007 Elected President of General Assembly, Faculty of Law, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”

2007 Dr. of Law. Thesis: “Legal System. Ontology and Methodology”

Professional Experience


1982 - 1985 Private Assistant Professor of Theory of Social Management

1985 - 1986 Assistant Professor of Legal Informatics

1986 to now Lecturer on Legal Informatics

1999 to now Lecturer on Information Law -e-government, public information, data protection, e-governance, e-government, personal data, registers, public information systems, e-signatures, e-documents, e-commerce, e-democracy, e-society.


1993 to now Digesta Ltd, Sofia. Founder, President.Development of Legal Information Systems and Legal Knowledge Bases. Microsoft Certified Partner

2003 Apis-Digesta Ltd, Sofia. Cofounder. Development of Specialized Legal Information Systems and Legal Knowledge Bases

Projects, Information Systems Development

1977 - 1984 Researcher in several sociological research teams

1982 - 1983 Project for National Information System at The Prosecutors Office of Bulgaria

1984 - 1985 Project and Development of National Information System for Ministry of Justice

1986 - 1987 Project and Development of Information System for Bulgarian Supreme Court

1987-1988, 1990-1992 Heads practical courses at Ministry of Foreign Affairs for computer literacy, partly fulfil some consultant tasks

1990 - 1992 Project, Development and Realisation of “Handbook on Legislation” as part of “NORMA” Legal Information System

1992 Project, Development, Implementation of Legal Information System Digesta for DOS

1993 - 1994 Consults Legal Department at Council of Ministers for development of National Legal Information System

1995 - 1996 Project, Development, Implementation of Legal Information System Digesta for Window

1997 Project and Realisation of

1997 Project, Development, Realisation, Implementation of Legal Information System Digesta for Internet

1998 bulgarian “State Gazetta” (Official Journal) - text and graphics, from 1942

1999 bulgarian legal journals, legal literature in

1999 - 2000 Project, Development, Realisation, Implementation of Digesta Mail - Specialized Legal Information System based on mail services

2000 Consultant of PHARE Project for Unified Information Filing System (UIS) for the Public Prosecutor’s office

2001 - 2002 Project and Development of code-named project “Procedures and Data in Internet”

2002 Project, Development, Realisation, Implementation of Legal Information System Digesta for Internet + CD

2003 Heads project of Specialized Legal Knowledge-Based System code-named “Apis-Digesta”

2003 Member of Testing Team of Unified Information Filing System (UIS) for the Public Prosecutor’s office

2005 Working group at Ministry if Education and Science on E-learning

2007 Project, realisation and maintenance of the site

Management and business administration

More than 10-year administrative experience in heading and supervising highly specialized, small-sized units and project teams (consisted of up to 20 employees) with the full responsibility for resource allocation - staff, equipment, funds and time.

Good skills and experiences in establishing and supporting the business relationships with state administration, business partners as well as in successfully completed projects and contracts - Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, local authorities, local administrations, Constitutional Court, Supreme courts, Public Prosecutor’s office, banks, private organisations.

Extensive knowledge of the governmental structures and procedures including practice, relations, normative acts, personal contacts.

Extensive knowledge of the Bulgarian ICT market.


Legal Informatics. 1991, 220 p.

Second Edition - 1994, 316 p.

Third Edition - 2002, 424 p.

Systematic of Legal Informatics. 1991, 200 p.

Second Edition - 1994. 220 p.

Third Edition - 2003, 336 p.

Electronic Government - strategies, registers, data protection, personal data, e-signatures, related acts, links to Internet. 2003, 326 p.

Electronic Government. 2003, 352 p.

Doctrine of Legal Information (cover,

Vol. 1 - Systematic of Legal Informatics.

Vol. 2 - Legal Informatics.

Vol. 3 - Electronic Government.

included Digesta for Internet + CD). 2003.

Bulgarian and European Information Law (comparative study). Vol. 1. 2005, 326 p.

Legal System. Part One. Ontology and Methodology. 2006, 608 p.

Some recent publications

“Is it Possible to Regulate Internet”, Computerworld, 2000.

“Unsolicited Electronic Messages”, Contemporary Law Journal, 2005, No. 2.

“New Qualities of Law in the Information Society “, Contemporary Law Journal, 2006, No. 1.

“The Object of Legal Normative Studies, Juridical World, 2006, No. 1.

International Awards

1988 - Soka Educational Award


Five Hundred Leaders of Influence. ABI, 1997.

Five Thousand Personalities of The World. ABI, Edition Six, 1998.

Live Fellow of American Biographical Institute. 1998.

The International Who is Who of Intellectuals. Cambridge, Thirteen Ed. 1999.

Deputy Director General for Eastern Europe. IBI, Cambridge. 1999.


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